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I wrote these tutorials from 2015-2017. This page is no longer being updated, but is still accessible as an archive of older design tools. The Sketch 3 guides still hold up to modern versions, and serve as a good starting place for anyone who is just getting started with Sketch. In the future, new tutorials and creative guides (among other topics) will be posted on my new blog,

A Beginner's Guide to Sketch

Part 1: Artboards and Shapes

Part 2: Text, Alignment, and SVGs

Part 3: Symbols and Exporting

Sketch Skills

Intro to Gradients — Linear and Radial Gradients in Sketch

What's in my toolbox? — Useful Sketch Plugins (posted on Medium)

Photoshop Tutorials

Extract Assets with Generator — Speeding up your workflow

Web Development

Creating a CMS with Tumblr — Using hashtags for content management (posted on Medium)

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