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About Me

Hi, I'm Megumi (they/them), a designer & developer based in California. I specialize in web design and front-end development, with expertise in advanced CSS, web animations, and e-commerce systems. See everything I've ever done here.

I'm currently the Head of Education at Index, where I previously taught a course called Intro to Coding for Designers.

Other recent projects include a Shopify theme for Cut Fruit Collective, a zine called Feminist Fonts, a set of eco friendly stickers, and my personal digital garden. Previously, I worked in Silicon Valley as an in-house UX Designer and wrote a tutorial series called Sketch for Beginners.


  • Website Design & Development 🌿
  • CSS Animation & Effects 🐝
  • E-commerce—Shopify Themes 🛍
  • Headless & Traditional CMS 🧶
  • Visual Design 🎨
  • Product Design & UX/UI 👽
See my work
Design and development for The Workshop LA Design and development for Cut Fruit Co's Shopify Store Code demos for Coding for Designers Screenshot of a slide from Coding for Designers Hello World My digital garden Screenshot of Reali's home search menu autocomplete design Add payout method modal for StyleSeat mobile app Packaging design for Blossom Botanicals Design for sign in / sign up flow for Crew web app some abstract art I made


  • Design
  • Development
  • Product Management
  • UX Strategy


  • Web as Garden 🌱
  • Green web hosts ♻️
  • Anti-surveillance, pro-privacy 🔒
  • Sustainable, low-maintenance sites 🏝


For inquiries, collaboration requests, or just to say hello, contact



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